The Ultimate Luggage Sets Buying Guide [2018]


Travel is one of the mind relaxing techniques in this machine world. However, a journey of miles & miles should accompany with trusted travel bags, be it duffel types, backpacks, or spinning roller suitcases. Durable and compelling travel bags will make the travel to enjoy the journey, be it official trip or weekend or a family outstay.

Travelling suitcase purchase involve more and more features in terms of durability, capacity, material, flexibility, extra zipped compartments, and et al. And we know all that squeezing everything that one need on travel is a bit difficult in one bag, hence traveling luggage is always come in ‘sets’.

This ‘Ultimate Luggage Sets Buying Guide’ provides an in-depth view of all the aspects that helps one in order to buy one good luggage set.

Decide How You’ll Use It

The usage of luggage set means for aspects of the length of journey or the travel, how often one goes on travel, mode of transport and types of travel.

In the case, when the question comes as, “How will you use it?” the descriptions for the above-mentioned bullets will answer in detail.

Length of Journey: How much distance that you travel and how long you will have the stay depicts clear picture for how big the size of your luggage set should be and how many suits & the other necessary belonging you require to pack in your luggage set! Say, for instance, if it is any short trips or short stays – lightweight carry-on duffel bag will help greatly and significantly.

For longer distance say for camping stay, family tour & trips require large size cabin spinning roller suitcases where you need entire things that make your travel and the outstay comfort without compromises.

Travel Frequency: How often you will travel? If it is an official one, there will be monthly one trip or two trips at a minimum. Hence, you will require one backpack or laptop bag to accommodate your lappie and other important official papers. In addition, you will require upright roller backpack or small sized spinner roller suitcase or at least a duffel bag to pack your sanitary stuff.

Mode of Transport: Will your journey include only car or a train or bus? On the other hand, will you have more than single layovers or air transport modes? However be the mode, the travel should be easy access to carry your luggage, say for, and get the wheeled backpack in which you can fit it easily into the traveling vehicle’s compartments.

Types of Travel: Does your travel comprise remote stay or a posh hotel accommodation? Depend upon the terms of where and how you are traveling and staying, the need for your luggage set will vary. An on-the-go traveler always goes for lightweight carry-on cases wherein a hotel stayer always seeks for rolling sets.

Consider How You’ll Store It

Luggage always carries our belongings but always look like bulky, clunky, untidy external and awkwardly shaped. Whether you are a jet-setter all the time or a random home visitor unpacking is one of the difficult jobs in the world, as most of the travels feel. After unpacking, putting up your luggage set securely out of insects and dust is quite big challenging jobs in the same world. Paying for indeed bit high cost through it is reasonable, keeping the travel luggage sets safe is much more important.

Clean your travel luggage set: Before storing it somewhere safe in your cupboards, give a deep inspection and clean, wipe off the dirt spots, wet patches, mend the tears, and fix the zip runners. Tumbling a lot in the travels, baggage claim counters, car backs, et al will give you a nightmare at the time when you open them for your next travels.

Lauren Williams, professional organizer and owner of Casual Uncluttering LLC states, “It’s silly, but [making sure] the set of zippers that adds an extra inch is closed can sometimes make a difference”. Hence, it is applied for handles, straps, and buckles.

Damage Protection: Be very cautious that you are storing your travel luggage sets in a cool yet dry place. The areas subject to deep humidity will allow build up moisture and molds, in which, your travel sets’ exterior will go off completely. Too much sunlight exposure allows fading of the exterior, in addition, the place of bug and pest free are also important to notice. On the other hand, the place where you are going to store your suitcases and luggage bags should have no sharp objects penetrating, to tear or damage your cases. Moreover, you can get luggage covers so that you can store yours safely and happily.

Appending below is the list of ideas that where and how well you can store your luggage sets:

  1. Store it beneath the cot by covering them up with large size trash bag
  2. You can store your carry-on inside the suitcases (when your luggage sets come in combo pack of 3 or 2 pieces)
  3. You can make use of your luggage suitcases to store any other kinds of stuff say for woolen balls, color collection of hats, belts, handbags et al until you take them for next travel
  4. You can place them high on the shelf of closet or garage
  5. You can cover them up with nice covers or trash bags, and hang them up with sturdy hooks as shown in the stores (wherein you can save occupying spaces)

Variations on the Valise

To know more about the variations on the valise, one should be very clear with the question: how many travel bags you require and of in which sizes to meet all your travel needs?

The number of travel bags might vary to person’s requirement, wherein to cover the overall needs a set including one carry-on luggage, personal item bag, duffel bag and large luggage of spinning wheel case would be more than enough. The size that one requires can meet up with one of the above-mentioned cases.

Down below is the cabin baggage guide that will indeed help you as a good reference.


Carry On size – inches Carry On Weight Carry On Fee Checked Bag Size Checked Bag Weight

1st Checked Bag Fee

American Airlines

22 x 14 x 9 N/A Free 62 in. 50 lbs. $25

Delta Airlines

22 x 14 x 9 N/A Free 62 in. 50 lbs.


United Airlines

22 x 14 x 9 N/A Free (Unless basic economy, then only 1 personal item 62 in. 50 lbs.


Southwest Airlines

10 x 16 x 24 N/A Free 62 in. 50 lbs.


JetBlue Airways

22 x 14 x 9 N/A Free 62 in. 50 lbs.


Hawaiian Airlines

22 x 14 x 9 25 lbs. Free 62 in.** 50 lbs.


Virgin America

51 in** 30 lbs. Free 62 in.** 50 lbs.


British Airways

22 x 18 x 10 51 lbs. Free 35.5 x 29.5 x 16 50 lbs.


Asiana Airlines

21.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 22 lbs. Free 62 in** 50 lbs.


Emirate Airlines

22 x 15 x 8 15 lbs. Free 59 in** 50 lbs.


Air India

22 x 14 x 8 17 lbs. Free 62 in** 55 lbs.


Qatar Airlines

20 x 15 x 10 15 lbs. Free 62 in** 2 bags (50 lbs. per bag)



22 x 16 x 9 17 lbs. Free 62 in** 50 lbs.


Air Canada

9 x 15.5 x 21.5 22 lbs. Free 62 in** 50 lbs.


Air France

21 x 13 x 9 26 lbs. Free 62 in** 50 lbs.


Caribbean Airlines

45 in** 22 lbs. Free 62 in** 50 lbs.


Philippine Airlines 45 in** 15 lbs. Free 62 in** 50 lbs.



Points to note:

The above-given chart is as per the revision on December 2017 and exclusive for Singapore (7 kg), South Korea (10kg) and Shanghai (10kg).

Things to Consider When Buying Luggage Sets

Be it overseas or domestic travel, one should be very keen while making a purchase of travel luggage sets. There are few important things and features to see when buying travel suitcases. They are the material, strength, size (volume), weight and finally the price of the piece. By going for a good brand, the things that will be clear automatically are durability and guarantee backup.

All the spinning roller suitcases come in standard sizes of Large, Medium and Carry-on for travel luggage sets.

Material: nowadays luggage suitcases are coming in materials of Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, ABS plastic or Fabric (Polyester Nylon).

The hard-side or hard-shell luggage suitcase is made up of high-quality ABS and polycarbonate, which are a good combination for lightweight and good durability respectively.

The other ranges of soft material for luggage sets are Ballistic Nylon, which is thick synthetic fabric, Polyester is the easy affordable soft material option and Aluminum suitcases are a classic choice for good durability but they weigh high.

Spinning Wheels: The duffel bags come with two wheels wherein they move in one direction. The roller suitcases come with four wheels of spinning motion. Spinner wheels give good versatility of movement wherein they turn in all directions and so you can maneuver it with one hand when holding any other bag or case on the other hand. Spinner wheels not only can be moved in any direction but also it comes behind you as well and the feedbacks say that there is only less fatigue with spinner types.

Durability: The durability of travel luggage cases depends upon the elements – frame, waterproof capability and fabric kind. However, the durability of the luggage set is carried by the Brands. By using state of the art, manufacturing process backed up by guarantee time. Excellent brands do maintain their reputation on both the durability and in the design & styles.

Weight: Luggage cases have to be very durable as in the case of thinking of weight, there is nothing to do some magic. There will be some weight, which will not make you feel big when loaded with your packs. Reputed Brands strive a lot in defining new techniques and use different technological methods to design luggage cases in less weight. However, luggage cases are the one sinned stuff, which needs to undergo as if earthquake zones while traveling. Your seat on the cushion, but think about your suitcases!

Therefore complete weightlessly is quite impossible, wherein bit weight and added few grams will not make big difference, at the same time the manufacturer has to give you a sturdier travel suitcase

Styles: Though luggage is not for fashion, you can still go with stylish colors and patterns. However, you can add multiple statements such as – to identify your baggage easily at the customs check, for easy recognition at the campsites et al.

Things to see for no-breaks: Luggage suitcases are like cars, which carry all your belongings except you. As like carrying out few important checks before buying a car like kicking the tires, under hood checks, spin check et al, you need to play around all the checks on the items that have fewer chances to get a break in the suitcases. Say for wheels, detachable shoulder straps, are they padded with a cushion or not, handles, belt buckles, naming labels & holders, and zippers. However, you need to check the stitches, hardware, and

Sizes: The distance of your travel gets longer, the size of your luggage set gets bigger. All the check-in luggage comes in two sizes: large (around 100 liters) and medium size (say for 75 liters).

  • For travel covers more than 2 weeks, you will require a capacity of large size
  • For trips of 1 to 2 weeks, the medium size will help you enough
  • For trips of about one week only, you can go for medium size spinning roller suitcase or duffel bag
  • For travel of within a week, you can go for backpack types
  • For day trips, please choose day pack kinds
  • For business travelers, please choose one from the above-listed added with laptop bag (either backpack kinds or roller kinds for one or 2 days trip)

Best Luggage Sets

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Sets PC


Coolife offers super travel luggage sets of 3 pieces of 20 inches, 24 and 28 inches. You can get two different colors of Dark Grey and Wine Red and the prices are $129.99 and $119.99 respectively.


The material of this model is PC + ABS hard-shell for ultra-durability, flexible and less weight. The interior of the suitcases is the cotton lining of imported quality. The closures are very tight with durable zippers


  • Adjustable 3-step telescoping handle for easy maneuverability and mobility
  • Multi-directional silent spinner wheels
  • Secured TSA accepted lock system (the USA allowed in particular)
  • Worldwide 2 years warranty period
  • You can see adjustable tie-down straps
  • Mesh accessory pocket for easy storage of small yet important things with functional elastic cross ribbons
  • The handle comes with Aircraft Grade

Bottom line

This type of 3-pieces luggage set measures about 20’ L16in* W8.5in* H23.5in, 24’ 19in* W10in* H27in and 28’ L20.5in* W11.5in* H31in.

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Softshell lightweight


Coolife luggage 3-pieces set of this super soft shell and lightweight spinners come in three different sizes of 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. There are ranges of colors such as black & blue, black & red, blue & silver, gray & green, gray & yellow and purple silver and the prices are $129.99 wherein the gray & green alone costs $119.99.


The material is of 1680D Oxford cloth and 210D Nylon lining for strong durability. The handle is sturdy & ergonomic, comes with adjustable telescopic system for easy handling with no stuck and breaks


  • Worldwide 2 years warranty period
  • You can store the sets in the other and can place upright
  • There are four multi-directional silent spinning wheels for easy mobility in 360’
  • The carry-on matches perfectly for US Airline Cabin Luggage Guide as per the IATA Standards

Bottom line

This piece of luggage set is designed to provide travelers’ comfort, usage facilities, and functionalities. The sizes are of 20 inches 23″ x 15″ x 9.5″, 24 inches 28.5″x17″ x 11″ and 28 inches 31.5″ x 19″ x 14″.

Luggage Set Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase Lightweight Carry


Ranging from different colors of Black ($119.99), Champagne ($129.99), Light Purple ($123.11), Orange ($119.99), Purple ($119.99), Champagne (2) ($119.99), Dark Grey ($116.05) and Red ($119.99).


The material is 100% ABS hard-core material of high quality imported one that stands strong against scratches, pressure-resistant and waterproof. The interior of the suitcase is detailed lining with divided compartments for easy storage of your belongings. The lining is of the polyester interior with three tightly closure zippers and mesh pockets for easy storage of small items.


  • You will get worldwide two years warranty
  • You can preset the lock to 0-0-0 for super security

Bottom line

Ranging from different sizes of 20 inches, 24 inches, 28 inches, you can store them one into other safely.

Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam 8-Piece Luggage Set


Traveler’s Choice is a famous brand that is quite providing good quality luggage set of 8 pieces. Ranging from different shades of colors – Burgundy ($112.70), Gray ($112.70), Navy ($112.70) and Orange ($112.70), Traveler’s Choice stands for good durability and sturdy.


The material is of 120D two-tone Polyester and 600D Polyester providing PVC backing and luxurious fabrication. There is internal and retractable push-button handle system with skating wheels that have the capability of spinning about 360 degrees for super mobility with no stuck.


  • You will get bag clasp for toting the additional bags
  • You have expandable feature on all the upright roller suitcases of about 30% more volume than the standard capacity
  • You have large zipped mesh pocket for more easy storage

Bottom line

The set is of super choice that can meet all types of travel needs. Buy one combo and pick your choice one to pack your belonging while getting ready for your travel.

Amazon Basics Hard side Spinner Luggage, Blue


Ranging from different sizes of 20 inches, 24 inches, 28 inches and as 2 pieces set and 3 pieces set, you get super color of carbon black spinner luggage suitcase.


The material is 100% ABS hard-core material of high quality imported one. The interior of the suitcase is detailed lining with divided compartments for easy storage of your belongings. The lining is of the 150D polyester interior with three tightly closure zippers for easy storage of small items.


  • You can expand the suitcase up to 15% from the normal size
  • The strong solid yet smooth zip runners, telescoping handle mounted strong & small helps for easy maneuvering and mobility of the suitcase even after loaded
  • The wheelers are 4 in numbers and have the capability of spinning in all direction for butter smooth mobility and cool maneuverability
  • The outer hard shell is super material and has scratch resistant tenacity with super glossy finish
  • The criss-cross belt provided inner side helps greatly for holding the belonging to super security
  • The suitcase has telescopic handle mounted with short length for super flexibility to carry and roll very easily
  • The material is 150D polyester with multiple interior organizers added with 3 zipper pockets

Bottom line

The prices are very affordable. They are 2-pieces set (20” / 28”) and they cost $49.99 and $87.04 respectively. The 3-pieces set come with 20”, 24” and 28” wherein the 24” costs $69.99 only.

Rockland Luggage Varsity Polo Equipment 4 Piece Luggage Set


Ranging from different colors of Black, Brown, Charcoal, and Navy, the prices are only $99.45, $129.99, $94.99 and $96.92, Rockland is quite famous for its long-lasting durability.


This 4-piece luggage set comprises of four upright luggage roller suitcases. Having all the required aspects and features that a travel set should have can be found in here. Retractable handle system, skating spinner wheels, zipped tight closures, top & side handle system, prompter foot stand, and super-tight lock & key system to secure your belongings greatly.


  • It is 100% imported 1200 denier polyester fabric material (EVA molded body) that stands for super waterproof, durable and less weight
  • The rollers can be washed by machine use too
  • The roller suitcases are completely lined and have expandable feature
  • The retractable handle works on telescopic system which has internal lock system too
  • The wheels look jumbo and they spin silently in the 360’ direction


However, we have seen many areas to consider about lot more in buying a travel luggage set, the ultimate goal is taking and bringing back your belongings safely after the trips. The travel suitcase that is not working the way you want will end up in mess, therefore try meeting all the aspects that we have discussed above and get your right one.